Setting Resolutions made Easier

Good morning my people, receive my warm greetings, I have missed our interactions so much. It’s been a while and a sure just like me a lot has happened with the Christmas and new year celebrations. My hope is that you’ve enjoyed the festivity and have been refreshed to start 2019 at a good pace.


For me a lot has been happening almost overwhelming, both good and bad which is all about living anyway. My favorite of memories was my bus trip to Dar es Salaam. A beautiful coastal city i must say but the 16 hours journey was not funny at all. Am not sure whether the decision to take a bus was motivated more by my economics mind that’s pro saving a coin where possible or to see other towns along the road from Nairobi to Dar, but whatever the case it was quite an experience. I learned, laughed, danced, swum and did some African print shopping. I’ll share some photos as the year progresses.


And after our most generous break of the year, back to work and to blogging and this time i promise to keep you here chilling with me at least once a week. I’m determined to have a better balance between my day job, business ventures and blogging. And not just balance but to pour my heart in each of those .


My favorite things about January is, its the best season to start a fresh. the freshness in life is experienced at hearts of humanity across the globe. And we all at individual and organisation level aim to reflect on the past and set a fair bar to aim and surpass all throughout the year. The first time i experienced a true resolutions achivement was in 2017, i know, just the other day. The two years prior were specially challenging and i constantly pulled my heart through most seasons of the year. So as every year starts i bought a beautiful journal but this time i promised myself to be as honest and realistic as i could be. After days of soul searching, i only wanted one thing direly- to be happy. I just wanted to experience true enjoyment of regular activities, people’s company and derive joy out of my small everyday accomplishments. And i did, 2017 was one of my happiest years, i learned to be sincere with self, appreciate people’s paths but take on mine with diligence discovering myself everyday and indulging in my path the more. It’s rewarding to work with your heart and mind present it brings about satisfaction and fulfillment.

So my resolution setting honest advice to you;

  1. Be very honest- some people write beautiful resolutions on paper but hold different resolutions at heart. They soon forget the ones on paper.
  2. One resolution is enough- There power of a new beginning should be harnessed at all cost, a small beginning is better that no beginning at all. If this thing has never worked for you, just set one most exciting one and spread it through the year, you will achieve much you’ll be surprised.
  3. Get very specific- If me reading your resolutions should lead to a question, then they are not specific and clear enough.For instance, if you are praying for a car in 2019 ask yourself; what model, fuel consumption, what make…. and make it end at 2019 Toyota RAV4 (for me maybe) because from here even estimating price and drawing a saving plan or payment plan is easier.
  4. Make them fun– This is a self administered test please don’t bore yourself at the least. Drafting a work plan in the office should be different from personal goals. In fact be as exciting as your sense of entertainment allows keeping in mind the aim is accomplished goals, which ever route you choose.
  5. Take your time- Ladies especially pay more attention to the ambiance around annual goal setting. Sit on sofa with a coffee, happy socks and beautiful diary only to write goals that remain on paper. Am not against our preferred mood setting techniques am just saying have your eyes on having a fruitful reflecting session and thinking of the process to achieving full stop. Some only make one resolution on a sticky note hang it of the bed or fridge but accomplish it, that’s brilliant, whatever works for you.

Finally, for those wondering what the Smartwoman’s focus for the year looks like am more than delighted to share.We start by sharing two quick blogs to wind up on the seven principle of making money by George Clason; then for the better part of the blog do topical money posts and of course i will invite you to make request for topical pieces or ask money-related question that i can answer or research and/or look for the right people to answer. The bottom line is it will be better and more informative than before. My resolution here is to give you well research and informed opinions on money.

Once again thank you for stopping by.

Talk to you soon.

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